How to make a free logo

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Make logo online, Hi guy in this video i going to show you how to make professional logo for free, you know the impotence of logo, having a logo help you to stand out in high society of business. Now in this video we will create custom logo from scratch without any software or any designer skill.


before you start making your logo you need to prepare few thing first.

Brainstorming for Make logo online

Make logo online

better way to start you have to have an idea what type of logo you want to design if don’t have one then start barnstorming, by doing this you will have better idea about your logo. once you have an idea about you logo now start drawing it on pepper first. Good job! now move on to second step.

Professional software or not ?

Now its all up to you if you want to use professional software or not, if you don’t know how to use then like photoshop, illustrate in that case you Make logo online with online logo maker website there are many though i recommended the best website in the video tutorial so watch the video and create you first professional looking logo.


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