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How to Install WordPress on AWS (step by step guide)

In this tutorial you will learn how to Install WordPress on AWS step by step

Step first to Install WordPress on AWS

Create an AWS Account

First step you you should do to create your AWS account. You can sign up here. To sign up you must have to provide a credit/debit card and a phone number as a result, you will receive a call as part of the online verification purposes. Now you are ready to Install WordPress on AWS. Amazon offers other services as well, Check the details here.

Step 2: Create an Instance

First, open your AWS dashboard

Second, go to all services

Third, select EC2 under the compute section.


In the next page you should create a Instance, to do that click on Launch instance button.


After launching an instance, you should click on AWS Marketplace on the left side and then in search box type WordPress.


From search result select WordPress certified by Bitmani


Next click on continue.



In the next page select your machine you can select t2 micro machine, with this machine selected click on Next: configure instance details.

Now Enable Auto-assign Public IP.

Now click on Review and Launch After Enable the Auto-assign Public IP In the same page.

Click Launch

On the same Page you will see a pop up small window.

Here it ask you to select your ssh key pair, if you have ssh key pair then you can select that however if you do not have ssh key pair you can create new one by selecting the create a new key pair option from drop down button.

Next you should give a name to your ssh key pair

you can name it whatever you like.

Now download your new ssh key pair by clicking on Download key Pair.

keep you ssh key pair in safe location in you computer or cloud because in later you going to need this ssh key for manage you WordPress files.

Now click on Launch Instance button after download you new ssh key pair

Congratulation ! Your Instance has been created successfully.

Now click on View Instance.

Install WordPress on AWS

On the Instances tab copy your Instance IPv4 Public IP and keep in safe location, you can past your IPv4 Public IP on Notepad (This would be your WordPress URL)

Install WordPress on AWS


Now Right click on your Instance and go to Instance Settings and then click on Get System Log.

Install WordPress on AWS



On the same Page you will see a pop up window.

Here scroll down and locate your Bitnami application password and username, this is your WordPress username and password. keep your username and password in safe location.

You should past this information on Notepad.

Install WordPress on AWS


Now its time to open your WordPress website

open up a new tab and past your IPv4 Public IP and without space type /wp-admin and press Enter.

Now you should see WordPress login page here type your username and password that we copied recently.

Lastly click on log In.

Install WordPress on AWS

Congratulation ! your WordPress website has been created successfully on Amazon web services.

📺 Want to watch video tutorial ?


Note: Your WordPress website now will be open with IP address if you want to point your existing domain with this WordPress website, you should check out this article.

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