01.Introduction and project overview

Hello i am RANA and in this course we learn various method changing the timing of our footage in After Effects. There are lots of different technique for retiming. We will being by understanding between time stretching, Time-remapping and Time-warping, we also learn other useful tricks like pixel- Motion Blur and Frame blending. We finish up the course by doing a single lesson that combines nearly all of the techniques that we have learnt to create a unique ghosting effect. This course is for you if you want to learn how to make your footage look like it shot with high speed camera and create blend between fast and slow-motion within the same clip or simple make your footage play backwards and stop, whatever the case this course all your timing need covered.

02.What is Time-stretching


03.What is Time-remapping


04.How to use Frame Blending


05.How to use Pixel Motion Blur with footage


06.Reversing layers and keyframes


07.How to Freeze Frame


08.The Timewarp Effect keying and built-in motion blur


09.Bringing it all together Creating a frame pausing effect